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The Setzler family of the Dutch Fork arrived in South Carolina on the 5th of October 1766, having come on the Brittania. Bounty grants were issued for Johannes and Peter Setzler and Anna Christina and Catherina Setzler. The records of the Beerfelden Parish, Erbach County, Germany provide the relationships and birthdates of the emigrant Setzler family. According to the German record John Adam and Peter Setzler were sons of Hans Adam Setzler, born 1686, died 17 June 1756, and Maria Catharina Seip, born 1682, died 29 June 1772.


John Adam Setzler, Sr. (Gunsmith) was born 11 February 1719 in Ober-Sensbach, Beerfelden Parish, Erbach County, Germany, and was married on 21 July 1746 to Anna Christina Müller, born about 1730. As Johannes Setzler he obtained 400 acres of bounty land near Broad River above Second Creek which he sold in 1770 to Adam Keller. The 100 acre survey of 1767 to daughter Catherine Setzler, on Second Cr. was bought in 1770 by John Adam Setzler, Gun Smith, who gave in 1787 to son, George Adam Setzler, blacksmith (Nby Deeds D-37).


I. Maria Catherina Setzler was born 27 April 1747 and died 15 December 1833. She married John Kountz (Counts). Catherine Setzler had a 100 acre survey of 1767 on Second Cr. which she and husband, John Kountz, sold in 1770 to John Adam Setzler (Affadavits of Michael Dickert, Senr & Adam Keller, Nby Deeds D-39). John Counts died as a Loyalist during the Rev. War. John Kountz and Catherine Setzler may have been the parents of "Carpenter" John Counts and Elizabeth Counts, who married Adam Epting, son of John Epting and Anna Lohner.

II. Anna Christina Setzler was born 6 May 1751. She married Adam Frederick Epting who died in 1801, son of John Adam Epting and Christina Barbara Osiander. Christina Setzler had 100 acre land grants surveyed in 1771 on Cannons Cr. and on waters of Wateree Creek. Both tracts were in the Estate of Adam Epting, oldest son of Adam Frederick Epting (Nby. Ct. of Common Pleas B-12).

A. John Adam Epting, born 1773, died 1801, married Eve Christian Leitner, daughter of Maj. Michael Leitner. After the death of John Adam Epting the widow remarried Martin Koon, born 3 July 1784, son of John Henry Koon and Maria Ursula Shealy.

B. Jacob Epting, born 25 December 1775, died 11 July 1816, was the first husband of Mary Cannon, born 15 November 1781, died 24 May 1848, daughter of David Cannon, Sr., and Nancy Johnston. Jacob Epting is buried in Bethlehem Church Cemetery, Pomaria, S. C.

C. John Epting, born 1777, died 1820, married Katherine Koon, born 8 March 1782, died 1826, daughter of John Henry Koon and Maria Ursula Shealy. John Epting was killed in a duel with a man named Lyles, at the old mustering grounds above Duncan's Cr., called "Goshin's Hill."

D. Katherine Epting married Henry Koon, born 8 February 1765, died 1816, son of John Henry Koon and Maria Ursula Shealy.

III. John Georg Setzler was born 1 April 1754. Died young.

IV. Johann Adam Setzler was born 19 November 1756 and died in 1820. The 100 acre grant of Hans Adam Kerber on Crims Cr. was bought in 1801 by John Adam Setzler, Sr., who with wife, Barbara, sold in 1809 to John Adam Setzler, Jr. (Nby Deeds J-609). A nearby 150 acre grant of Ulrick Burghard was later owned by John Adam Setzler and willed to John Setzler, Sr. John Setzler, Sr., with wife Magdalena, sold the land in 1841 to John C. Hope (Lexington Deeds M-244). Barbara, wife of Johann Adam Setzler, may have been a daughter of Ulrick Burghard as the deed indicates that John Adam Setzler inherited the grant of Ulrick Burghard.

A. John Adam Setzler, Jr. (III), born 18 December 1777, died 30 January 1835, married 17 November 1801, Catherine Leitner, daughter of Michael Leitner. Buried in St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery.

1. Eve Setzler, born 1806 was the second wife of John Adam Hipp. Buried in St. John's Church Cemetery. 2. George A. Setzler, born 12 August 1812, died 1 October 1886 married (1) Harriett Shartel Suber, born 17 November 1816, died 22 December 1838; married (2) 22 December 1840, Anna Margaret Suber, died November 1843; married (3) Martha Catherine Metts, born 16 August 1812, died 3 January 1898. All are buried in St. John’s Church Cemetery. 3. Elizabeth Setzler, born about 1813, married Martin Suber. 4. Mary A. Setzler, died 21 April 1843. Buried in St. John's Church Cemetery.

B. John George Setzler, born about 1790, died 12 November 1852, married Sarah Cannon, born 4 April 1802, died 1882, daughter of David Cannon, Sr. and Nancy Johnson.

1. Jacob Setzler, born 15 May 1809, died 26 November 1887, married 10 January 1832, Anna Wicker, born 29 March 1807, died 7 October 1874. 2. Nancy Setzler was the wife of John Mock. 3. William Cannon Setzler, born 1822, died 29 February 1855.

C. George Adam Setzler, born about 1790, married Sarah Epting, born 4 April 1802, died 1882, daughter of Jacob Epting and Mary Cannon.

1. Henry Y. Setzler, born about 1821, married Terzy Fulmer. 2. George Adam Setzler, born 1827, died 1878, married Elizabeth Thompson Peaster, born 1837, died 1881/2. Both are buried in Betheden Lutheran Church Cemetery, Winston Co., Miss. 3. May Ann Setzler, born 16 October 1830, died 6 September 1906, (buried St. Philip's Lutheran Church Cemetery), married Alexander Crumpton, born about 1832, died CSA. 4. Nancy Caroline Setzler, born 25 November 1835, died 11 April 1929, married 17 February 1854, Cornelius Dickert, born 8 July 1828, died 14 May 1877. Buried in Beth Eden Lutheran Church Cemetery.

D. John Setzler, born about 1792, died 3 February 1844, married Mary Sligh, born about 1790, died 1870.

1. Jacob Setzler, born 16 May 1816, died 9 December 1893, married Catherine Elizabeth Fulmer, born 10 November 1817, daughter of Abraham Fulmer and Elizabeth Lindler.

V. Georg Adam Setzler, Sr. (Blacksmith) was born 2 January 1761. He married about January 1781, Anna Margaretta Leitner, died about October 1807, daughter of Maj. Michael Leitner and Maria Beard. Michael Leitner died intestate. In 1809, after the death of the only son, Christian Leitner, the land was partitioned and all the children, except George Adam Setzler (by right of his wife), sold their shares to John Counts (Nby Deeds J-94). After the death of two of four children of George Adam Setzler an equity suit was filed over the land inherited by George Adam Setzler, Sr. (Lexington Co., Equity, Columbia Dist., 17 Nov 1817). A description of the family of George Adam Setzler, Sr., is found in this suit.

A. Jacob Setzler, died 11 June 1812, married June 1805, Margaret Fulmer, born. about 1785, died September 1862, daughter of Johannes Fulmer. After his death she married Honorious Shepperd.

1. John Adam Setzler, born 18 October 1808, died 2 October 1892, Coosa Co., AL. 2. William Setzler, born about 1811, died Wood Co., TX. 3. Mary Setzler, born 1812, died 18 June 1852, buried in the Wicker Cemetery, married Jarret C. Lee, died 1847.

B. Mary Elizabeth Setzler, married William Frederick Houseal, Jr., born 10 February 1785, died 5 September 1876, son of William Frederick Houseal, Sr. and Anna Mary Geiselhart.

C. George Adam Setzler, died about August 1817. John Setzler was administrator of estate and John Countz and Wm F. Houseal were securities. (B. H. Holcomb "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist., SC, 1814-1825").

D. William Setzler, born about 1798, moved to Pontotoc Co., Miss.

VI. Anna Elisabetha Setzler was born 24 August 1763. She married William Swittenberg, son of John Swittenberg. The land grant of Hans Adam Kerber was given in 1787 by Adam Setzler, the Elder, to daughter, Elizabeth, wife of William Swightenburgh. William Swightenburgh transferred the land in 1801 to John Adam Setzler, Sr. (Nby Deeds J-609).

VII. Johann Jacob Setzler was born 26 April 1766 (in Hebstahl) and died in 1835. He married Barbara Rikard, daughter of Lawrence Rikard and Anastasia (Nancy) Stoudemire. Jacob Setzler acquired the grant of his Uncle, Peter Setzler, and lived in Newberry District.

A. John Setzler, died 3 February 1844, married Anna Mary Fike.

1. George Adam Setzler 2. Martha Elizabeth Setzler

B. Catherine Setzler, born about 1802. Did not marry.

C. Martin Setzler, died 6 December 1849, married (1) Mary Morgan, died 1842; married (2) Susanna Lohner Epting, born about 1814, died February 1862.

1. Mary Ann Setzler, born 5 December 1835, died 29 November 1924, married 23 February 1860, David Richard Epting, born 14 November 1833, died 4 October 1903. 2. Jacob Thomas Setzler, born 11 February 1839, died 8 December 1901, married Susan Ann Frances Chapman, born 10 August 1844, died 2 September 1920.

D. Mary Setzler. Did not marry.

E. Elizabeth Setzler, born about 1811, died January 1848. Did not marry.

F. Salome (Sally) Setzler, born about 1812, died 21 June 1852, married Thomas C. Clark, born 13 January 1814, died 27 October 1892.

G. Adam Setzler, born 1815, died September 1865.

PETER SETZLER Peter Setzler was born 3 April 1724 and was the youngest brother of John Adam Setzler. The record of his marriage and birth of his child are given by Thomas H. Hutzelman (“Immigrants to America from Beerfelden parish, County of Erbach, Germany,” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 78:213-220, 1990). According to this source Peter Setzler was married on 28 June 1762 in Ober-Sensbach to Anna Maria Scheuermann. The couple had a daughter, Anna Margaretha, born 6 April 1763. Peter Setzler was awarded a 200 acre bounty grant on Crims Cr., indicating a wife and child. According to the Council Journal record the wife of Peter Setzler was born about 1737. Peter Setzler's household is listed on the 1790 Nby census. The bounty grant of Peter Setzler is shown by later adj. surveys as being owned by Jacob Setzler.

This biography was a collaboration between Carl Nichols and Sam and Cynthia Huggins and was submitted to the chapter by Sam and Cynthia Huggins. The biography was reformatted and edited by Carl Nichols on February 4, 2012 for this issue of the DIGEST.